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What is the TPI Bed Bug Heater System?

What is the TPI Bed Bug Heater System?
The new TPI bed bug heaters are sold as a system that includes the main heater, 3 satellite convection heaters and a remote controller. The TAT series heaters are equipped with a high temperature ball bearing 1/3 ph, 1075 rpm blower motor, and heavy duty stainless steel spiral heating elements to heat a small room up to 150 degrees F within 1 hour. The unit’s safety devices include an airflow switch, disconnect switch, automatic limit control and manual reset limit control for further protection. The heater systems come in 3 sizes 208, 240 and 480 volts and will produce between 18,089 and 68,260 BTU’s depending on the voltage. 

The remote control is a 24 volt controller that regulates the heat output of the main heater and up to 3 satellite convector heaters. The controller attaches to the main heater with a 25 foot cable and is generally mounted on the outside of the room. LED lights conveniently indicate when the process is finished.

Up to three 120 volt, 15 amp satellite convectors can be used with the main heater. The satellite convectors easily connect to the main heater with a 25 foot cable. Each satellite heater will produce 5120 BTU’s minimizing heat loss.

TPI TAT Bed Bug Heater System

How do I get a TPI Bed Bug Heater System?
                                                                     To purchase a TPI Bed Bug Heater System contact New Century Sales, Inc. Toll free by Phone - 800-207-4461 or by email. You can also click on the link below and we will contact you and provide you with any additional information you need. All sales are confidential and we will never release any of your information with out your prior authorization. Click here and we will contact you and provide you with any additional information you need
Key Bed Bug Facts

  • The typical life span of a bed bug is about 12 to 18 months.
  • Bed bugs are able to live for up to a year or more without feeding on a host.
  • Female bed bugs can lay up to 300 eggs over their lifetime.
  • Bed bug eggs hatch within 2 weeks and takes about another 3 to 10 weeks to reach maturity depending upon the temperature and availability of food.
  • Bed bugs are not known to carry disease but their bites can cause allergic reactions in some people.
Why do I need a TPI Bed Bug Heater System?
Bed bugs now live in all 50 states -- you can certainly get them at home without having traveled, too. Sources say that Orkin has exterminated bed bugs in all U.S. states except North and South Dakota. Bed Bugs all want to travel to new areas. The bugs hitch rides in baggage, sleep sacks, sleeping bags, clothing, and humans. Someone brought them to your lodging by accident. 

You'll likely notice bites before you see the bugs themselves but you may also see the telltale streaks that indicate you have bed bugs on your sheets. Bed bugs are mostly nocturnal and they hide unless feeding. According to the National Pest Management organization, Bed Bugs can live more than a year without eating; vacating for a short period of time in hopes the bugs will die won't work. They can take the temps, too; the bugs are okay with freezing to Fahrenheit 113.

So why do you need a TPI Bed Bug Heater System?? The TPI Bed Bug Heater System is able to give you the HEAT to kill these creatures. It can heat small areas up to 150 Degrees Fahrenheit and send these bugs to their grave as well as dehydrate the baby eggs preventing more bugs from hatching and causing more infestation. Yes you can call an exterminator to come out and kill these bugs as well.....but do you want an exterminator's vehicle in front of your home or business? Do you want an exterminator walking around your customers carrying extermination equipment and creating questions or concern from your patrons? With the TPI Bed Bug Heater System you can exterminate these creatures within your own organization. Some people may say that any publicity is good for business but Bed Bug infestation publicity can’t be good publicity. 

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